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PaymentSpring mature

Payment SaaS – the all-in-one, developer-driven, Mobile payment gateway. Dive into our powerful payment processing gateway designed for software platforms, businesses and nonprofits ready to accept more. Take a closer look. Receive payments anytime, anywhere, and run reports that actually paint a useful picture. Plus, tap into a gambit of...

stock market training

Get Expert Training in Technical Analysis Course from share market training in Hyderabad Learn Stock Trading Investing from Industry Experts Practical Case studies..

Solartis development

Solartis Services are automation and BPO services designed to provide insurance companies with a flexible supply of skilled resources and system components they can use to grow their business.

Stock Market online Traning growth

Online Stock Market Training in Hyderabad, Stock Market Training Institute in Hyderabad, Technical Analysis training in Hyderabad.Call for demo 9989134470

miniTANK development

miniTANK is an event management system, our integrated system consists of advanced ticket registration, access control, cashless payment, interactive engagement, and social media integration – all communicating in real-time with data-driven genius reporting tools, generating dynamic analysis to help event organisers making prompt & informed decision better.


We are a startup with a mission to transform the way people move their money. Bayar is a cross-platform mobile wallet application used to transfer money to friends, family and to make purchases from merchants with just a few taps on their phones. No more I-owe-you's, No more trips to...

MotionsCloud efficiency

MotionsCloud provides an intelligent claims solution for P&C insurers to streamline and automate claims processes. The solution reduces cycle time from days to hours, reduces expenses up to 75%, and improves the customer experience with mobile, artificial intelligence (AI), and video-enabled technologies which can integrate with legacy systems

Money Lover growth

A multi-platform solution that helps manage your money and provides personalized financial advice.

SkolaFund efficiency

Skolafund is a web platform that enables undergraduates across Asia to crowdfund their scholarships


we provide a finance data comparison on finance industry. The data we provide compare the details of Finance product features from Corporate Banking to Capital Market. The Accessibility of Fund knowledge is limited in Asean and Malaysia market . We will benefit the entrepreneur in financing their dream.