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BlackBox Development

"Blackbox Development is a multi-platform development powerhouse. We do everything from responsive websites to e-commerce platforms and app development!"


Ashadee is Asia's most vibrant social media rewards platform, with over $123,000 paid to 24,000 users for sharing 238 offers in 24 countries. Create your account now to participate and earn from the latest offers.


The complete crypto-currency development stack. HTML5 framework and API for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin

BIB Swimming

We are a community based entity since 2010 which focuses on watersports industry. The Internet via Facebook is our main platform to spread the words to the public in current news, reports, activities in watersports industry, mostly in Malaysia. More educational and development programs planned which will include coral propagation,...

Box On Demand

Using Fanfold Corrugated Board to create any size and length of boxes. Box on Demand equipment doesn't need to use die-cut mold for printing and also cutting the boxes. All order will be ready for delivery within 24 hours


A social enterprise project focus on easy access to knowledge. Platform for learning & knowledge sharing.